San Dimas may be most well known for the movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but there’s much more to this quaint town than the classic 80s film. In fact, most of the first movie in the series was actually filmed in Phoenix, Arizona. So instead of a Hollywood film location tour, you can spend your time on activities that are a little closer to home.

Whether you’re just visiting or lived here your entire life, here’s some great things to do in San Dimas:

1. Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park:

San Dimas Bonelli Park

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This park offers something during every season; the park is a great place to escape the heat during the summer and you can’t beat the view of snow capped Mt. San Antonio during the winter. With more than 1,900 acres and plenty of trails, this park offers its visitors a variety of activities ranging from hiking, biking, fishing and camping. This park has everything for an outdoor enthusiast who needs a break from city life.

2. Morris/San Gabriel Reservoir:

San Dimas San Gabriel Reservoir

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If you haven’t had your fill of nature at the Bonelli Regional Park, you can head north to the Morris Reservoir. Until 1995, the area was used as a Naval Weapons Testing Site (don’t worry, nothing radioactive). “The site was used especially for the development of submarine-based warfare systems, including torpedoes, bombs, and submarine-launched missiles like the Polaris rocket, the first ballistic missile that could be launched from submerged submarines,” according to Wikipedia.

North of Morris Reservoir is the San Gabriel Reservoir, both of which offer scenic views and trails for the moderate hiker.

3. Pacific Railroad Society Museum:

San Dimas Railroad Museum

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A small and quaint museum that’s open to the public for free, the railroad museum is a great place to stop by to fulfill your curiosities of a bygone era. Artifacts have been collected since the 1930s and are on display within the museum and library.

4. Rockin’ Jump San Dimas:

San Dimas Rockin' Jump

At Rockin’ Jump, you get the exercise you need and lots of laughs along the way. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or get into better shape with trampoline exercises, Rockin’ Jump has all the attractions that you need. We pride ourselves on being the best trampoline park in San Dimas and in every other city across the US.

Rockin’ Jump was the vision of two families back in 2010 and quickly became one of America’s most popular recreation and fitness destinations. We decided to create a place where you can soar in open jump arenas, dive into pools of soft foam cubes, play trampoline dodgeball, do flips and somersaults. We also wanted a new alternative for birthday parties and family gatherings, where quality food and private party rooms were guaranteed, and our kids could safely play while we socialized with other parents. The Rockin’ Jump San Dimas indoor trampoline park is open daily and offers special activities of all kinds. Join us anytime and Rock On!

5. San Dimas Downtown Events:

San Dimas Car Show

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Everything from the annual Sheriff Booster Car Show to the farmer’s market- downtown San Dimas usually has something going on. San Dimas is a great place to raise a family, enjoy the fruits of nature, as well as enjoy some history. If you want to know more, you can check out a list of activities here.